Jana winderen - surface runoff

27 July. Mutations: Live music and multimedia collaboration. Paul D. Miler aka DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid with Crista Kende, violist with artists’ film selected by David Gryn at Pub Mont Fort 10pm to closing, free entry. Located behind Médran just off of the Rue de Ransou.

At this point you might think of the title: Antenna .  In 1907, in Galway, Marconi created the first commercial, transatlantic radio signal connecting Europe and North America. So, we are in the world of communications. If you look at the charcoal drawings, there are circular elements (Globes? Satellites?) and very strong suggestions of outer space, perhaps of electrons or atoms whirring through. If you look closely at the small drawings you will find strips of transparent cellotape, suggestive of antennae, and of rays emanating from antennae.

Kable54 (Australia) The Month Machine (2016) Volca Galaxies (2017) Melbourne-based artist who uses mostly microsynths, such as the Volca series to create varied ...

Jana Winderen - Surface RunoffJana Winderen - Surface RunoffJana Winderen - Surface RunoffJana Winderen - Surface Runoff